Pakistan National Institute of First Aid


“Health, safety, & first aid in your workplace are more than just what you think. They can be the difference between life & death”.

“Pakistan National Institute of First Aid” is one of Pakistan’s largest independent workplace first aid training providers. Companies large and small trust us to help them train their employees and meet their requirements and obligations.

Unlike most first aid training organizations, our trainers hold medical credentials and professional teaching credentials, meaning that the delegates’ learning experience is of the highest standard. Not only are our courses fun but delegates take away the ability to deal confidently with difficult emergency situations – you need to know that your first aiders will know what to do!

We are reliable and flexible, and provide clients with the best in customer service, support, and value for money. We can train your staff on-site anywhere in Pakistan.

Our instruction is hands-on and interactive and is supported by a variety of training material based on course requirements. We provide: manikins for practicing CPR, AED trainers, bandages and splinting materials, barrier devices, auto-injector trainers, inhalers, etc.

It is vital that, whenever needed, first aid is delivered with the confidence that can be gained from effective training and using appropriate, quality first aid supplies. Practical health and safety training to identify hazards and reduce risks is every bit as important.

PNIFA provides the training and equipment that you and your employees need to be that difference between life and death.

Research by PNIFA found that:

  • Almost one-third of businesses experience a specific recurring accident in their workplace.
  • Four out of five employers acknowledge that there are times when a first aider isn’t available.
  • Nearly two-thirds of employees would like first aid training at work.

Providing your employees with the skills to prevent accidents and save lives can be the difference to your business, your employees, and the wider community.