Pakistan National Institute of First Aid

Confined Space Rescue Training

PNIFA Confined Space Rescue training is ideal for people who are conducting standby duties or for any person who may be required to assist in a confined space rescue operation. Covering permits, gas detection, BA, fire, CPR, and confined space rescue, this program is a highly popular training program designed around the Core Training Elements and in line with best practices as they relate to the safe management of confined spaces.

Course Duration
2 days

Course Overview
PNIFA Confined Space Rescue training program is designed to assist employers and employees in understanding the characteristics, hazards, and legislative requirements needed to work and enter a confined space, including operating breathing apparatus, gas testing atmospheres, and performing rescue in the context of a confined space. The program is a combination of theory and practical sessions conducted by an experienced confined space trainer.

It is recommended that those who are required to perform standby duties or undertake rescue operations in a confined space complete this training program. The program has been designed to ensure students develop the skills to;

  • Operate gas detection equipment
  • Operate isolation systems
  • Operate lifting equipment
  • Operate lowering and hauling systems
  • Operate SCBA and airline equipment
  • Provide care to the casualties of a confined space emergency
  • Operate ventilation equipment in accordance with National Standards
  • Operate portable fire fighting equipment in the context of a confined space

Participants will also gain important knowledge around:

  • Lock, tag out and isolation procedures
  • Potential occupational hazards and control measures
  • Procedures for atmospheric monitoring
  • Selection, use, and maintenance of respiratory devices
  • Use of ropes and knots for accessing confined space
  • Students are encouraged throughout the training to develop and apply skills in the safe performance of rescue in a confined space, from correctly using and inspecting equipment to providing emergency care to those in need. They will experience and use a wide selection of confined space equipment, tailored to suit the company’s individual requirements throughout the course.
  • Confined Space Rescue Training is suitable for people working in any industry including mining, construction, utilities, oil and gas, defense, and government.

The training can also be conducted for group bookings at a suitably equipped site as preferred by the client. It can also be tailored to suit scenarios that are relevant to your company’s confined space operations.