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Smoking Kills

What other over-the-counter product has the following warning: “THIS CAN BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH” ?

Cigarette advertisements on TV, in movies and magazines, always show the smoker as healthy, young, athletic, virile, and successful. The truth, as you know, is that cigarette smoking is dangerous for your health!

This brochure will allow you to understand the reasons why you started smoking and the problems you may encounter should you decide to continue.

It will explain exactly why smoking is dangerous and what are its consequences for you and your family. It will also detail some of the most recent methods to help you stop if you are so inclined.

If you’re out of breath, your legs are not as rapid, your tennis game is getting poor, you have trouble concentrating, don’t accuse your age only. Smoking reduces the quantity of oxygen available for your muscles, heart, and brain.

Seven thousand substances have been identified in cigarette smoke.

The 4 major elements are:

  • Tar, which is a cancer provoking agent (includes aromatic hydro-carbons).
  • Carbon monoxide, which robs the blood of its oxygen and increases shortness of breath.
  • Irritating substances which provoke coughing, increasing the risk of respiratory infections and bronchitis.
  • Nicotine, although non-toxic, is the habit forming, addictive substance which makes it difficult to stop smoking and which increases the heart rate and raises blood pressure.

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