Pakistan National Institute of First Aid


People who travel to or live in countries where sanitary and climatic conditions are different than those they usually face at home risk exposure to, and even death from, certain highly infectious diseases.

Many of these infectious diseases can be prevented by vaccinations. This brochure was prepared for people who work and travel in various countries. It targets both expatriate and native employees and their families.

Those born and raised in a high-health-risk country usually come into contact with many local germs during their childhood and have built up their own natural immunity to many diseases.

But the travelers to a such countries usually have no natural defense against these “new” diseases. Because they have no natural protection, it is essential for travelers to be vaccinated correctly before leaving home.

Therefore, this brochure is divided into specific chapters: those that concern everyone, no matter where they live and work, and those that target specific travel or risk.

The goal of this brochure is that readers will update vaccinations for themselves and their families and thereby greatly reduce the risk of illness when traveling as well as at home.

The information contained herein is based on internationally accepted facts and recommendations. There may, however, be slight differences from one country or one company to another concerning vaccination schedules or recommendations on certain shots or boosters. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact a vaccination center near home or your company’s medical officer.

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