Pakistan National Institute of First Aid

Hospital Audits Services

Why Hospital Audits
Hospital audit is a tool which can be used to discover how well clinical care is being provided and to learn if there are opportunities for improvement.
Clinical audit may be used to improve aspects of care in a wide variety of topics. It can also be used in association with changes in care provision or to confirm that current practice meets the expected level of performance.

  • Clinical audit offers a way to assess and improve patient care and to uphold professional standards and ‘do the right thing’.
  • Through clinical audit, healthcare staff may identify and measure areas of risk within their service.
  • Regular audit activity helps to create a culture of quality improvement in the clinical setting.
  • Clinical audit is educational for the participants.  It involves being up to date with evidence based good practice.
  • It offers an opportunity for increased job satisfaction.
  • It is increasingly seen as an essential component of professional practice.
  • It can improve the quality and effectiveness of healthcare.

Pakistan National Institute of First Aid offers it Audit services to the various areas of hospitals including, but not limited to, the following:

  • receiving of out-patients at Accident and Emergency department
  • laboratories
  • radiology
  • several wards
  • clinics
  • storage areas
  • manufacturing facility
  • laundry
  • boilers (steam generation)
  • standby power plants,
  • specialist physiotherapy departments,
  • oxygen plant
  • catering facilities( including kitchens)
  • serving areas, and
  • plants

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