Pakistan National Institute of First Aid

Occupational Health Auditor Training Services

The overarching objective of this course is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to perform Occupational Health audits against either

  • A Quality Management System
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Other aligned standards
  • Contracts specifications

The course includes:

  • An understanding of quality management systems
  • An understanding of risk management systems
  • Interpreting standards
  • Planning and preparing for audits
  • Audit practices in order to have confidence in the audit results
  • Team work and roles
  • Audit reporting
  • Audit follow up

An occupational health audit has three main aims:

  • To obtain an understanding of the organisation concerned, its structure, activities and processes.
  • To gain insight into the health risks and how the organisation addresses those risks.
  • To evaluate and advise on the resources required to manage effectively and professionally both the specific health risks and the general problems in the workplace associated with health and ill health.

Introducing any health at work initiative without due consideration of the risks, resources available or knowledge of tried and trusted policies and procedures can be costly and prove ineffective.

An audit carried out by a trained and qualified occupational health professional will provide you with a detailed assessment of your current compliance with both statutory and advisory health at work requirements and your options for cost effective improvements. It’s an informed opinion about the range of services which you require balanced against your organisational risks and absence management issues within the workplace.