Pakistan National Institute of First Aid

Lifting and Moving Patients

This comprehensive 1 day program is designed to train participants who are either first aiders or assist first aiders during lifting or moving of injured or ill persons. The techniques are two-fold.Ā The first is to ensure that the first aider is protected while lifting and moving patients from injuries and the second is to ensure that the injured person himself does not get more injuries during the process of moving and lifting. Many injured people receive irrecoverable add-on injuries while they are removed unprofessionally by first aiders, resulting in long term disabilities and complications. 75% of the course is based on practicals.

Course Duration

1 day

Course Contents

  • Body Mechanics
  • Structure of the spine & injury to the spine
  • Fitness & Flexibility
  • Ergonomics
  • Principles of moving & handling
    • The Power Lift.
    • The Power Grip
    • The Squat Lift.
    • One-Handed Carrying Technique
    • Reaching.
    • Pushing and Pulling
  • Emergency Moves
    • The Armpit-Forearm Drag
    • The Shirt Drag
    • The Blanket Drag
  • Urgent Moves
    • Rapid Extrication
  • Non urgent Moves
    • Direct Ground lift
    • Extremity Lift
    • Direct Carry
    • Draw Sheet
  • Wheel Chair Carry
  • Stretcher Carry
  • Mattress Carry
  • Practical Session: Moving & Handling Patients/People

Training Material Provided

First aid publication, booklet, and plastic wallet card.

Certificate Validity

2 years